Friday, April 24, 2009

The Juicy & Bentley Rise & Shine

Goodmorning! Isn't today a great day? Birds are chirping and dogs are barking in the distance:)

I hope that you are doing great today. I am doing lovely... thank you for asking. Yesterday I changed my sheets and they smell April Fresh!

Bentley was being a good boy this morning, and we cuddled. He wakes up before me and looks at me like this! He just wants to play all the time! My mommy tells us both to relax, but he is so hyper and loves to bother me. That is what brothers do to their big sisters! :)

So anyway, sorry for the delayed blog... but I have been really busy. In this economy, it is important to stay on task. Work comes first! Wait a second... I don't work? Yes I do... I mean I don't look this gorgeous naturally! Wait a second... Yes I do!

Xo. Juicy:) Muah...

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