Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Juicy in Juicy Couture

Happy New Year Everyone! I will have to fill you in on all my shinanigans, because it was OOC! (Out of Control):) Let's just say Fergie definately has to worry about Josh Duhmel, because he was on me like white on rice! As Tiger would say, I was on my A game!

First of all, I want to wish everyone all the best in 2009 and I hope that everyone can stick to their resolutions. My resolution is to stay healthy, be nice to everyone and always look my best! My mom got me this Juicy Couture top in New York and I was rocking it all day! Isn't it cute? It even has my name on it!!!

I gotta run, I'm meeting J-Lo and Leah Remini for a drink, they want me to be their BFF... I want the dirt on Marc Anthony anyway;)

Xo. Juicy

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